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series video production
Smart targeted video content, easy for you and creatively scaled to your budget.
Educate your audience at the relevant stage in the buying cycle.

Easy For You

Learn how you can produce
a series of FOUR videos for
nearly the same effort as ONE.

Your Strategic Partner

Whether you’re a video marketing
geek or novice,
you’ll love our added value.

Scaled To Your Budget

Our expertise in resource
allocation gives you maximum
impact for your investment.

The Video Advantage

The evidence mounts that using video to drive your internet marketing is almost like cheating.

The Serial Content Multiplier

A series of content works together to deliver far more benefit than an equal number of individual pieces.

Power of video

Video communicates more efficiently than any other media. Like any power tool, it can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Video Efficiency

Video is the perfect master format to drive your entire content creation machine.

Why Shoot Now?

There is a unique window of opportunity open for companies to establish their video presence. It won’t last long.

Why Ludlow Media?

We are uniquely qualified to help businesses seize the powerful opportunity of serial video. Easily and affordably.

Our Work

Video Production

For business, video is a customized tool to cause a change in the viewer and prompt them to take action.

Our approach to every project is unique – because every project has unique needs.

We start with unmatched core skills in production, strategy and editing. We then bring in the best people and equipment – but only if “the best” is needed. If professional and affordable is required, we know those folks too!

Ultimately we are experts assembling the resources to maximize your video production investment.

video production

Video- The Ultimate Marketing Tool

If you’ve heard video is important but you’re not sure why, then you must-read “Video Content Marketing: How to Make Binge-Watchable Marketing Videos".

Uncovers how to get your audience engaged with your videos. Find out why video needs to be a part of your future.

video content marketing

Video Marketing Consulting

video marketing strategies consultant

We are available to help with video engagement strategy, video marketing, video SEO, webcam setup, editing, video/internet technology.

Video Marketing Strategy

webinar recording editing

We are certified in inbound marketing (or content marketing) and can help you use video most effectively.

Planning the strategy along with the video brings together content and context for maximum impact.