Employee Training Video Production

Training Video ProductionTraining video production that engages employees and channel partners. We make it easy for you to create effective training video content. Budget can be scaled to meet your needs.

You are not training your employees if you are putting them to sleep!

Yet that seems to be the unintended consequence of many videos used for employee training.

Besides the unique ability of video to illustrate situations, video has immense power to entertain, motivate and stimulate emotions. If you are not exploiting these in your training video productions, your employees are missing the best and most memorable part.

Video-Based e-learning

The benefits of e-learning make it the fastest growing segment of the training industry, but many workers have been left out due to literacy and language barriers.

Ludlow Media is a pioneer in blending the capabilities of e-learning and video to fully engage and motivate learners regardless of their formal education.

Studies* have shown that video holds a learner’s interest, outclassing other training media and increasing information retention by 51%.* (Wharton School of Business)

Video-based e-learning provides:

  • Easy bulk or individual employee enrollment
  • Automatically scored tests
  • Defensible records
  • Secure redundant data storage
  • Employee Training, Video Production and e-learning seamlessly integrated
  • No need to schedule around shifts, absences, trainers, and space limitations
  • Training message is consistent for all employees
  • Interactive quizzing stimulates memory retention